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521 Area Code

    area code

  • a number usually of 3 digits assigned to a telephone area as in the United States and Canada
  • The Chinese Telephone Code Plan is the way to group telephone numbers in the mainland of the People’s Republic of China. Land lines and mobile phones follow different systems: land lines use area codes, while mobile phones do not.
  • A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunications to allocate telephone numbers to subscribers and to route telephone calls in a telephone network. A closed numbering plan, such as found in North America, imposes a fixed total length to numbers.
  • A three-digit number that identifies one of the telephone service regions into which the US, Canada, and certain other countries are divided and that is dialed when calling from one area to another


  • 500 (five hundred) is the natural number following 499 and preceding 501.
  • * Future Byzantine emperor Justinian becomes consul.

521 area code

521 area code – Polk Audio

Polk Audio DB521 5.25-Inch Coaxial Speakers (Pair, Silver)
Polk Audio DB521 5.25-Inch Coaxial Speakers (Pair, Silver)
db521 5.25 Inch Coaxial Speaker

Polk Audio db521 5.25″ Coaxial Speakers bring you superior looks and sound at a price that makes high performance affordable to everyone. The polymer/mica composite mineral filled cone is stiff yet lightweight and brings you big sound with little distortion. A 19mm liquid-cooled silk-polymer composite dome tweeter with neodymium magnet creates clear, detailed highs. The Pole Plate Heat Sink promotes better heat dissipation for superior power handling and reliability. Polk db Series speakers are built tough to withstand the harshest environments, so they are perfect for use in boats of all types. The db Series delivers classic Polk Audio performance and durability like never before.

Rodeway Inn – Salt Lake City, Utah

Rodeway Inn - Salt Lake City, Utah
154 West 6th South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Phone: Area Code 801-521-2930
TWX 910-925-5820
Salt Lake’s newest Motor Hotel. 250 Distinctively Furnished Rooms, Bridal Suites, Executive Suites and Paraplegic Rooms. King and Queen size beds, RCA Color TV in all units. Year ’round Heating or Air-Conditioning. Heated Swimming Pool, Barber Shop, Beauty Shop, Car Rental, Coffee Shop, Dining Room and Lounge. Convention Facilities to Accommodate 20 to 500 persons.

UnonPlaceCommon area steps

UnonPlaceCommon area steps
basic architectural accessibility standards, Fair Housing for people with disabilities, denied in Somerville, MA